Baltimore Sun Reports on David Wright’s Representation of Boardwalk Performers In First Amendment Case


In 2015, Ocean City, Maryland implemented a set of regulations to tightly control its boardwalk performers – magicians, balloon artists, puppeteers, spray paint artists, and others.  A group of performers brought suit in federal court on their own to challenge the regulations as contrary to the First Amendment.  After some initial proceedings, the group was put in touch with the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (MdVLA).  The President of the MdVLA is David Wright.  Its Executive Director is Adam Holofcener.

David and Adam saw merit to the performers’ claims and arranged to represent them.  They prepared and filed an appropriate complaint alleging that the regulations violate the First Amendment as undue restrictions on free speech.  The case is now proceeding before Judge William M. Nickerson.

On June 8, 2017, the Baltimore Sun ran an article about the case.  The article quotes David and Adam, and tells the story of sketch artist Mike Moeller who is one of the performers involved in the suit.

The article can be found at:

Summary judgment papers in the case are due to be filed at the end of the summer.


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